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Government Program Reporting

ACA reporting is a new IRS requirement – and you have to comply!

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), individuals are required to have health insurance while applicable large employers (ALEs) are required to offer health benefits to their full-time employees.

We Make Your Life Easier

InTech helps customers with a variety of different government programs so ACA reporting may be new to you, but not to us. By working with different programs, we have the experience to help lead you through the administrative processes and requirements. Our expertise and services will help minimize your time and resources toward this complex project. In addition, our solutions focus on meeting all government compliance requirements so you don’t have to worry about being questioned or audited by any government agency.

Employee Benefits Services

InTech has your employees, active and retired, in mind. We share your mission of delivering the best benefits for those who have worked hard all their lives and earned the peace of mind that having good benefits can bring. By keeping costs low and customer service high, we provide clients with the most effective RDS (Retiree Drug Subsidy) processing in the market.

learn more about aca reporting


irs employer reporting and auditing

We Save You Cost, Time, and Labor

When you partner with us on RDS and RDS ReOpening, you not only get experts on healthcare technology and government programs, you get answers to your questions and friendly knowledgeable staff to guide you every step of the way. Our clients all attest that working with us has not only helped them in their RDS tasks but also made sure they avoided any government audits, fines, or penalties. We specialize in handling the regulation complexity and compliance essential to the RDS program so your staff doesn't have to. Working together with your existing benefits staff and benefits advisors, there is no need to add to staff or devote time and money to training to handle these highly complex programs.

Whether you decide to work with us for the entire process or just to handle data aggregation, reporting, or one part of the process, you will find us to be flexible, responsive, and reliable. With us as your partner in RDS and RDS Reopening, you receive exceptional service and exceptional results to maximize your RDS subsidy reimbursements.

Retiree Employee Benefits Services

Keep Over 90% of Your Subsidy Reimbursement Money

We deliver a superior RDS experience and value tailored to the unique needs of each client. From application through reimbursement, InTech's SubsidyLink® is designed to provide you with comprehensive service and complete compliance…and the highest net RDS reimbursement subsidy.

Trust Us to Provide the Complete and Comprehensive RDS Services You Need to Maximize Your RDS Dollars

From beginning to end... or just the services needed to fit your organization…you can count on us. You decide what level of RDS assistance you need. Let our experts perform any or all of the RDS process for you.

Application Process

RDS plan monitoring Monitor plan year application deadlines
RDS plan verification Verify plan sponsor administrative roles and set up of Authorized Representative, Account Manager, and Designee
RDS submission Send initial covered retiree list
RDS application support Coordinate with plan sponsor and actuary for application completion

Enrollment Management

part d drugs Complete enrollment file submissions including accurate and timely processing to identify additions, changes and deletions to the full file
part b drugs Identify to plan sponsor eligibility rejections and clarify errors for plan sponsor resolution

Cost Reporting

RDS cost reporting Identify and filter to exclude ineligible Part D and Part B drugs
employee enrollment verification Review and calculate accurate subsidy reports based on PBM claims files
file submission Format, aggregate and submit files to plan sponsor and third parties
HIPPA compliance Provide updated data connectivity to meet HIPAA compliance and data security
RDS drug subsidy Matching and management of all claims and subsidy files

Annual Reconciliation

rds suditing Request, receive, and reprocess all data files for final covered retiree list and cost report associated to plan year reconciliation
rds data management Compile and report annual data and analysis
re open claim Advocate and assist client in any CMS audit or appeal situations
CMS management Warehouse data files and reports in accordance to CMS requirements
learn more about aca reporting

RDS Reopen VerifyLink© – It Could be Worth an Extra 10-35% in Additional Subsidy to You

Find Out What You Missed... And What You Can Gain...

RDS is a complex and challenging process and if done correctly it is a valuable financial opportunity. However, there are so many reasons why you may not have received maximum RDS subsidy. Missing or inaccurate data, eligibility rejections, inaccurate rebate information — are all issues that reduce the total amount of subsidy you receive.

Now you can find out if you have additional RDS reimbursement subsidy payments due to you, easily and without a big expense. Partner with us and our RDS ReOpening audit and dedicated technology.

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